Audit & Accounting

We believe that you require more value from your accountant than just assisting you to meet your statutory requirements by preparing financial statements. At Swan O Sullivan we provide accurate, informative and insightful financial information in order for you to maintain profitability and capitalise on new opportunities. We want you to grow your business.

The preparation of financial statements for clients is our core business and is a requirement for all entities, sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.

We deal in the area of Audit and Accounting on a daily basis and therefore our team are always up to date with accounting regulations and requirements, and all relevant disclosures. We can also advise on eligibility and complete the paperwork to claim audit exemption status for your company, should it meet the criteria laid out in statute.


Swan O Sullivan is ACCA Accredited Employer, and our dedication to training and improvement is second to none as exemplified by the achievement of the Platinum Approved status from ACCA in recognition for the implementation of the highest of standards in training. Our depth of knowledge and experience distinguishes us from our competitors and offers your company significant benefits. Our progressive audit approach is focused on identifying and responding to key issues and risk factors.


We will strive to ensure that your company is up to date and meets its statutory obligations,, while implementing any legislative changes. We work at the cutting edge of new developments in technology and legislature, implementing them in a timely manner. We offer competitive fees and are committed to quality, excellence and integrity of the highest order. We make sure that all our individual clients' regulatory requirements are achieved. At the end of each audit assignment, we provide you with a schedule of our post-audit recommendations, where appropriate, which details areas for improvement.


We assist and add value to your business by:

  • Offering solutions tailored to your individual requirements & business needs.
  • Assessing your financial management function as a whole, and offering recommendations based on that.
  • Evaluating your books and records to advise you whether or not that they are maintained in accordance with Section 202 of the Companies Acts.
  • Identifying inefficiencies within your accounting, budgeting and finance functions.
  • Ascertaining revenue enhancement and cost savings ideas.
  • Helping you to complete financial reports.
  • Identifying ways to improve your internal controls.